Nexon’s new EV, 400 kilometers on a single charge

Tata Motors is set to launch the long-range Nexus EV (electric vehicle) on April 20. An electric vehicle with a battery pack of 40 kWh (KWh) that can run up to 400 kms will be made public. The long-range Nexon EV is expected to go on sale alongside the existing Nexon EV, giving customers the right to choose between feature and price.

The price of the long-range version of the Nexon EV will be announced on April 20. The Nexon EV, which is being unveiled for long distances, will not have a different design or look than the current Nexon EV. However, the biggest update is its battery capacity. During the test, the vehicle ran up to 400 kilometers on a single full charge. It has features including ventilation seat, park mode, cruise control, electronic stability control along with regenerative braking system.

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