It will take six months for cricketer Kamal Singh Airy to return to the field

Fast bowler Kamal Singh Airy of the Nepali national cricket team will take six months to return to the field.
Adil Ansari’s bowling broke his bone while fighting to dive to stop the Malaysian guard.

Dr. involved in his treatment. According to Niraj KC, Kamal’s pot is broken into large pieces and it will take him longer than other players to return to the field.

‘Usually there was a small fracture when it was broken in such a place. I would return to the field after three months. He can return to the field in 5 to 6 months as he has a big broken bone. ‘

Dr. KC has informed that it will take time for the lotus bone to heal as it is a ‘compound fracture’ and not normal.

He was rushed to Nepal National Hospital in Kalanki after being injured on Saturday. Where he underwent surgery on Sunday. After the surgery, Kamal’s health condition continued to improve. KC has given information.

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