Bezos entered the satellite internet after Alan Musk’s Starlink

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos plans to offer high-speed internet via satellite. Under Amazon’s ‘Project Kuiper’ project, 3236 satellites will be placed in low earth orbit over the next five years.

It is said that three high weight rockets are being prepared for that. The rocket will be built by Arian Space and Blue Arizona. The two companies are owned by Jeff Bezos, owner of Central Blue Origin Amazon.

Project Kuiper aims to provide high-speed broadband Internet with low-latency to households, businesses, government agencies, disaster relief organizations, and mobile service providers. With this plan, Tesla owner Alan Musk is already providing services through Starlink.

Starlink currently has more than 2,300 satellites in orbit. Bezos has pushed ahead with the project, with plans to establish itself as a competitor to Musk. It is said to provide high speed internet to millions of users.

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