Twitter finally decided to keep the edit option

Twitter is going to bring a feature to edit tweets in a while. The company has decided to add edit options as per the demand of the users.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Twitter revealed that it has been working on the edit option since last year. This topic became very popular after Alan Musk created a poll on Twitter on Tuesday.

Earlier, the issue of edit option was discussed but it was not a matter of public interest. However, Twitter has revealed that it has been working on it for a long time.

Twitter has also revealed that the edit option measure was not taken from a poll created by Alan Musk on Twitter. According to J. Sullivan, head of Twitter Consumer Products, editing tools are one of the most requested features on Twitter.

He said that if the time limit, controls and transparency of what was edited could not be worked out then the edit feature would be misused.

Even though Twitter users have been discussing the edit option for a long time, the edit option on Twitter became a joke because the company was not interested.

Former Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey was reluctant to have an edit option on Twitter. He said that if there was an edit option on Twitter, the user would be able to edit the meaning of the previous tweet and change it to another.

That’s why he mentioned in a tweet in 2020 that he would probably never put an edit option on Twitter. Apart from Twitter, other social networks like Facebook and Instagram have already provided the edit feature to the users.

Most of the edited posts do not seem to have a negative impact. However, Alex Stamos, Meta’s former chief security officer, accused Facebook’s editing feature of helping scammers spread cryptocurrency scams in the past.

That’s why having an edit option on Twitter doesn’t seem to have much of a negative impact. However, the lack of edit options on Twitter made it unique from other social networking apps. Does that have any effect on Twitter?

With the appointment of new chief executive officer Parag Agrawal on Twitter, there was talk of putting an edit button on Twitter. On April 1, during the corporate’s annual celebration, Twitter’s official account revealed that it was working on the edit button.

However, at that time, people took Twitter’s tweet as a joke. After taking Twitter’s tweet as a joke, Twitter’s product head Michael Simon revealed that it was official information.

A few days later, Alan Musk, Tesla’s chief executive officer, bought a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter after a poll on Twitter about the edit option. Of these, 73.4 percent were in favor of keeping it.

Earlier, Twitter had introduced the Undo feature for its Blue subscribers. Through which the user can see if the tweet is correct or not before publishing.

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