Prince Mohammed of UAE pardons Nepali journalist Pandey, who is in Dubai jail, to be released soon

Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahan of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has pardoned Nepali journalist Umakanta Pandey, who was jailed in Dubai. According to a source at the Nepali Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Pandey will be released soon after the sentence is commuted.

According to sources, the prince of UAE had pardoned Pandey last Friday. A UAE court had sentenced Pandey to three months in jail, a fine of 20,000 dirams and deportation to Nepal. He was sentenced on a complaint by an official of the Nepali embassy in Abu Dhabi alleging that he had written indiscriminately on social media.

Journalist Pandey was sentenced to jail in Nepal. After that, Nepal’s Ambassador to the UAE Krishna Prasad Dhakal had requested a meeting with a scholar in the UAE last Wednesday to pardon him. The scholars spoke to the Prince of the UAE. After that, the prince pardoned the sentence, an embassy source told News Factory. According to embassy sources, Pandey’s sentence was commuted so that he would not be deported to Nepal.

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