The mother of producer Chhabiraj Ojha is no more

Producer Chhaviraj Ojhala is in mourning. Ojha’s 99-year-old mother Dambar Kumari Ojha passed away at her residence in Dharan this morning. Musician Basanta Sapkota wrote the status on Facebook and wished lasting peace to the soul of the deceased mother and expressed his heartfelt condolences to the Sokakul family.

Faced with various ups and downs, he kept talking about his mother’s picture and mother’s love and affection. Image also shared content related to the mother on social media and Tiktak.

In the last few days, actress Shilpa Pokhrel was preparing to make a comeback in the film industry in a strong way after the incident.

After making ‘Mangalam’, Chhabi remained silent and was preparing for a new film and was looking for actors for the new film.
Known as the producer of ‘Tiger’ in the Nepali film industry, he is preparing to work with new actors in his new film.

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